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The Vision to Help Others Succeed

Today technology has made it easier and easier for websites to be designed, developed and publish.  most internet Hosting sites like  offer an array of tools to help you operate your web presence yourself giving you “Full Control”.   That means Full control of content, updates, material and look design and experience.   You decide how big or how lean you want your internet presence to be.



What we offer is the tools to take you to the next level.  But more than that we make sure you get to where you need to go with the tools and resources you need to have.  We won’t leave you in a a fog.  we’ll help you get started and on track, you’ll learn on your own then come back to us when you need that extra knowledge or “show me” person to get you to the next level of your web building journey.  You will have your website up and running in as little as an hour and you will learn some new skills along the way.

Mobile Web Design

It is estimated that majority of the population will be using smart phones by 2014, with international sales of 2.5 billion phones from 2010-2015. This means that mobile web use will also increase 100%, maybe more. It’s time for companies to invest in mobile design, to make sure their websites are mobile web-friendly.

Mobile web simply makes everything more convenient. Mobile web design answers the two keys to better web experience: usability and availability. As it goes along the smartphone trend, mobile web design allows content to load faster. Developers think outside the box by providing applications and games that will be applicable to the iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

Mobile web design is about simplification. Everything is simplified to fit a smaller screen. Navigation is easier, design is simpler, and using Flash is currently not possible.

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