Power Services That will make Your Blog Rock!!

Power Services That will make Your Blog Rock!!

Every Website Should Have

If your  Website is not  filled with Power Services that engage your customers then you need to rethink your strategy and why you have a website in the first place.

Your website should have the Following:

  • Twitter Feed that appears  directly onto your websites front 565018_237262216371736_1846934423_nPage
  • Schedule or Contact Component
  • Downloadable Brochures and Detailed Manuals  about your Products and Services.
  • Videos About Your Products and Services.
  • Email Services Linked with your Website or Business name as the Domain Name not  gmail.com  hotmail.com  yahoo.com but your  yourdomain.com
  • An online school where your staff can log into and take a class about food safety,  Mail room Practices or whatever you deem important.
  • Document Repository.  Downloadable access to Human resource Documents.  that every employee must have.


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