Using your Smartphone to Manage and Update your Website or blog

Technology is rapidly changing, as a result, web and blog managers have more tools and apps that will help them add content to their site then every before.

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Gone are the days of having to be in front of a computer in order to make updates to your website or blog.  If you are still using this method you are out of touch with the latest developments in website and blogging technology.

My earlier article (How to add  Twitter  Post & Pictures to your Website)  detailed how to embed your twitter feed into your website, enabling you to post updates links and pictures to your page instantly from anywhere and anytime.  The process is quite simple to do and will provide your viewers and subscribers with new and exciting updates every time they visit your website or blog.

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In order to change content to your blog you will need an app that supports your Blogging Platform.  Once configured, you will be able to add new blog post on the fly.  Below are the steps you can follow to enable you to create blog post via your email service:

Blog by Email on your Smart Phone

  1. 1

    Log in to your blog on the Internet from any computer.

  2. 2

    Access the settings section of your blog. Each blog contains a settings section that allows you to indicate and modify your blogging preferences.

  3. 3

    Navigate to the “Email” section of your blog settings. On some blogging platforms, this option may read as “Email and Mobile.”

  4. 4

    Enter an email address into the appropriate field on the web page for which you plan on using to publish blog posts from your phone. The email address you enter will be the email address you send blog posts to from your smart phone.

  5. 5

    Save your new blog settings and exit from your blog on the computer. In some cases, your blogging platform may ask you to provide additional information about your particular smart phone.

  6. 6

    Access the email feature on your smart phone.

  7. 7

    Compose a new email message. This particular email message will be your blog post.

  8. 8

    Type the title of your blog post into the email’s subject line.

  9. 9

    Write your blog post within the body of the email.

  10. 10

    Send your blog post to the email address you indicated earlier in the settings of your blogging platform. Your blog post will now officially be published to your blog.


Blog with Blogging Apps on your Smart Phone

  1. 1

    Access the application market or store on your smart phone. The name of your application source will vary depending on the type of smart phone you use. For example, if you use an iPhone, you can access applications from the Apple iPhone App Store.

  2. 2

    Search for an application with the same title as your blogging platform. For example, if you blog on WordPress, enter “WordPress” into the search field to locate applications that manage your WordPress blog.

    • Some applications are versatile and can be used to manage a number of blogging platforms. Examples of such applications are named “iBlogger” and “BlogPress.”
  3. 3

    Read and review the description of the application to verify that it contains the features you need. Some applications will allow you to customize photos for your blog posts, whereas other applications may allow you to manage comments made by other users on your blog posts.

  4. 4

    Download the blogging application directly to your smart phone. Most blogging applications are free of charge, however, some developers may charge you a fee to download the application.

  5. 5

    Blog from your smart phone using the application you downloaded. In most cases, you will be required to open the application on your smart phone, and select the option for writing a new blog post.

    • Consult directly with the developer of your blogging application to obtain further instructions if needed.



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